Collection: WOOL

Wool, a natural fiber cherished for centuries, holds a unique place in the textile world.

Harvested from the fleece of sheep, it boasts remarkable properties that set it apart. Its insulating abilities keep us warm in winter yet remain breathable in summer, making it a versatile choice for clothing.

Wool's inherent elasticity ensures durability and resilience, while its moisture-wicking properties help regulate body temperature.

Beyond its practicality, wool embodies sustainability, as sheep produce it annually through natural processes.

About HUG

Discover our wide selection of fair and sustainable women’s fashion and accessories, made from natural, organic, or recycled fibres.

In our online shop and in our bricks-and-mortar concept store in Woodbridge, Suffolk you'll find everything from T-shirts to jeans, cosy knitwear and beautiful dresses, quality handbags, wool-and-silk and organic cotton scarves, spring and winter jackets, gloves made from recycled PET bottles - and more.

Whether you’re looking into upgrading your wardrobe or searching for a unique and thoughtful gift, we’ve got you covered!

We work with a variety of European and UK-based brands who produce clothing with a lower environmental impact than the industry norm by using sustainable fibres such as organic cotton, TENCEL™ Lyocell, wool, hemp, as well as recycled materials.

We believe that fashion can be done differently - in a more considerate and responsible manner, in terms of environmental impact as well as fair working conditions.